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The Hannibal Central Park Farmers’ Market is held each Saturday morning from 8:00 until 12:00 noon.  You can find us on the west end of Central Park at 5th & Broadway in downtown Hannibal from May 7th through October 29th.  Saturday mornings in the park make for a perfect family outing.  New for 2016, we are also adding a midweek market.  Come see us each Tuesday from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. through the peak season (mid-June through mid-September).

We are a producer-only market.  100% of our vendors are local, growing their own produce and making their own wares.  Meet your farmers — they are a great resource!  Ask them questions and get to know them.  They can tell you firsthand about their growing practices, what they will have available throughout the season, and even offer up their favorite recipes.